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Training of staff seconded from other institutions

Undertaking around 3000 clinical investigations per year, the cardiac MRI working group is one of the world’s leading centres for magnetic resonance imaging of the heart.

Since 2001 we have offered regular basic and advanced training courses in cardiac MRI and secondments. A total of 1500 cardiologists, radiologists and medical technical assistants from all over the world have so far taken part in more than 200 courses. More than 180 doctors have completed a 1 to 3 month secondment with us.
In addition, we offer a laptop-based and a server-based training. Both programs allow a reduced presence time.

All courses are delivered as part of the Charité’s cardiovascular MRI training programme (UTC University Training Courses) and are organised by Circle Institute. Courses and secondments can be undertaken in either English or German as required.