Research focuses

Our research focus is the myocardial tissue differentiation by means of cardiovascular MRI. We consider cardiac diseases as systemic diseases and deal with the interactions on vascular structures accordingly. The experimental bases are laid in phantom studies, sequence optimizations and patient and volunteer studies on the influence of contrast agents. The results form the basis for disease-related studies with the overall goal of improving the diagnostic possibilities of being able to make therapy-relevant statements in order to be able to control therapies. A large number of projects are being implemented on the 1.5 Tesla MRT, while in other projects it seems sensible to exploit the potential of a higher field strength (3 Tesla). A further research focus is the evaluation of the possibilities of experimental ultra-high-field MRI on patients at 7 Tesla. The following are briefly presented and the primary contact persons named:

Myocardial tissue differentiation using 1.5 and 3 Tesla MRT:

Optimization of the detection of non-ischemic fibrosis

Differentiation of left ventricular hypertrophy

Sequence development to myocardial tissue differentiation

Non-ischemic heart disease:


Cardiac involvement in systemic diseases

Heart valve diseases:

Evaluation of biochemical valves

Evaluation of flow patterns to characterize vascular wall damage

Evaluation of myocardial changes in valvular heart disease

Method development in phantom

Vascular MRI:

cardiac MRI in ultra high field 7Tesla (cooperation with BUFF)

Efficacy analysis

Multicenter studies

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